We are online now: How the Internet makes us lonely and how it helps us to find a meaning

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Do not let the screenshot mislead you. It is a charming little short movie that illustrates how technology is incorporated as an extra layer of our lives.

The surroundings interpret you as absent when you are focused on the computer or a cell phone. It may seem like you are not present in the same space and time as your surroundings and are brought back to reality when someone interrupts you. The opposite is if you sit at a book or magazine. You seem to be fully present with what you have in front of you, and are perceived as if you have made a conscious choice of where and when you have positioned yourself to read.

The technology is a disruptive force of our social life. Who would think that we suddenly would excuse us for picking up an artefact that would instantly change who we conversate with? We are literarily turning our heads to someone or something else and are at the same time capable of establishing a new relationship with a low transaction cost. We sometimes accept the friend request or liking a brand while we are at a different social context, a meeting or a lecture.

As with all innovations, it results in benefits and consequences for those affected by the change. Instead of moving to the same city to build a community around certain interests, individuals can now gather around social objects and create value for themselves and others. We are online now.


  1. jillianelagus

    Alex— video was inspiring and educating. :) I’m a novice to WordPress, but I’ll figure out how to get live updates of your posts delivered to my inbox. Can’t not learn from your blog!

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