How Heartbleed threatens Tumblr-accounts

How Heartbleed threatens Tumblr-accounts

Social objects and the message in B2B-marketing

I have recently defended and presented my thesis about social objects in B2B marketing. Considering the nature of business-to-business (B2B) transactions, and the lack of relevant research on…

Best practice to handle double negatives when using the expectancy-value model?

My question is regarding the multiplicative combination rule in the Expectancy-value model developed by Fishbein and Ajzen, and the issues regarding the expectancy value-muddle, or the case of…

What companies and places are must-visits in Singapore?

What companies and places are must-visits in Singapore?

Can we trust Twitter?

Can we trust Twitter?

We are online now: How the Internet makes us lonely and how it helps us to find a meaning

Do not let the screenshot mislead you. It is a charming little short movie that illustrates how technology is incorporated as an extra layer of our lives. The…

Why I’m not paying for (yet)

Elezea has made a well-nuanced comment in the wake of Google’s acquisition of Sparrow. In short, the post above express that our intrinsic trust to companies are today…

[ENG]: Why Rdio is a better music finder than Spotify

It seems that Spotify Social was a counter move against a future competitor, Rdio. The founder of Kazaa and Skype, Niklas Zennström, has probably carefully studied Spotify and taken strategic…

Utmaningar för sociala medier under 10-talet

En bit in på det här nya året har jag funderat på utmaningar och försökt titta lite i kristallkulan om vad som kanske komma skall det här decenniet….

Det händer inte att man skulle gå på gatan och bli oprovocerat slagen i huvudet. Men det händer oss.

Det värsta var att höra den dova smällen. Hur den högra knytnäven träffade R i huvudet. Man tror inte att det skulle kunna hända. Att en människa skulle…